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Stained Glass


A somewhat complete list of what I've been reading (or leaving half-read) right now (and over the last few months).

What I'm Reading: Welcome

What I'm Reading

Jesus and John Wayne: How White Evangelicals Corrupted a Faith and Divided a Nation by Kristin Kobes Du Mez - A look at how patriarchy, racism, and a culture of militant masculinity have infected the church (and how the church sacrificed its message for the sake of power).  A great read, and essential for understanding America's current culture and the church's current challenges.

A Coming Christ in Advent by Raymond Brown - a book of reflections on how we meet Jesus in and through the Scripture readings that foretell his birth.  I'm reading this to prepare for worship/preaching during the Advent season.

Dune by Frank Herbert - I love sci fi.  This one is just for fun.  It's a classic and I'm ashamed I didn't read it before now.

The Congregation in a Secular Age by Andy Root. This one challenges all of the church leadership "best practices" by showing us what's really happening in our culture - how the cult of speed has emptied our lives of meaning and joy.  This book has done more to reshape how I see church leadership than anything else I've read recently.

The Wayfairer Series - by Becky Chambers. More sci fi for fun.  These are some of the best sci fi books I've read - the deal with issues of gender, inclusion, race, diversity - and also, there are cool space aliens.  A ton of fun for anyone who's a fan of the "talky" parts of Star Trek.

No Cure for Being Human by Kate Bowler.  A follow up to her amazing Everything Happens for a Reason: And Other Lies I've Loved.  It's about grief, the challenges of life, and a God who doesn't require us to be shiny, happy, and positive all the time.  A great combination of sad and hopeful.

A Memory Called Empire by Arkady Martine - a book about a galactic empire that's falling apart - and what that means for both outsiders and the powerful. The author is a city planner with a PhD in history (focusing on the late Byzantine empire).  And all of that expertise shows up in the books.

Good News for Anxious Christians: 10 Practical Things You Don't Have to Do by Phillip Cary - this book is a reminder that you don't have to DO anything in order to earn God's love.  God's love is a free gift, and we are invited to receive it.  Faith isn't about becoming your best self - it's about recognizing that God has done the work to save you.

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